NORTON — A state trooper who accidentally shot a woman while hunting last December will not face prosecution for alleged negligence in the case.

A local court magistrate rejected a complaint by Massachusetts Environmental Police charging John Bergeron, 50, of Norton, with careless or negligent use of a weapon causing injury or death to another, according to Environmental Police spokesman Reginald Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said the charge was filed in June, but that a magistrate in the Attleboro court did not find probable cause to issue a criminal complaint. A recorded message at the court clerk’s office this morning said court personnel would not be available until after 3:30 p.m.

Cheryl Blair, who was shot behind her Oak Street home on Dec. 31, underwent several surgeries as a result of the accident before eventually returning home.

Blair was out walking her two Golden Retrievers when Bergeron reportedly mistook one of the dog’s tails for that of a deer and fired.

Zimmerman said the negligent use complaint was the only charge being brought against Bergeron by the Environmental Police. He said he was not sure whether Bergeron still has a hunting license.

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(2) comments


Once AGAIN, preferential treatment for those IN government.
A regular citizen would be in a LOT of trouble. I guess it's who you know. Speaking of who you know, Does anyone know the name of the magistrate that let this shooter walk? Do you, Mr Foster?? Please report.


I hope this woman has a good lawyer for the civil case. This foolish shooter owes her BIG TIME!

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