FOXBORO — Two restaurants at Patriot Place, Tavolino and the new Citizen Crust, have temporarily closed after workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Two employees at Citizen Crust who live together were confirmed to have contracted the virus and the restaurant closed Tuesday night, town board of health Chairman Eric Arvedon said Friday.

Arvedon said other employees also tested positive but he was not sure how many.

Citizen Crust staff also work at Tavolino, which has the same owner, and that restaurant closed Thursday.

“There were enough (positive tests so that) the owner was concerned. The owner decided to close down Tavolino as well,” Arvedon said.

Restaurant patrons are being notified.

Arvedon said he fielded one call from a concerned patron and referred them to the board of health office.

The restaurants are now being thoroughly sanitized and all employees are going to be tested.

“At this point they are having trouble getting testing,” Arvedon said. “Even if they get a test, it takes seven to nine days to get results back.”

In an interview with WCVB-TV in Boston, the owner of the restaurants, Thomas Perruna, expressed frustration over trying to get employees tested.

No employees have reportedly shown symptoms of the virus, and the Brigham and Women’s/Mass General Health Care Center located at Patriot Place will only test those that show symptoms, Perruna said.

The policy is confirmed on the clinic website.

The restaurants will remain closed until employees show negative test results.

"Patriot Place was recently made aware of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases from employees at Citizen Crust and Tavolino. With the guidance of public health and safety officials, we work closely with each of our tenants to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees," said Diana Griffin, director of marketing for Patriot Place. "Citizen Crust and Tavolino have informed us that they have proactively closed to sanitize their restaurants and allow staff to be tested. Citizen Crust and Tavolino have also informed us that guests who may have been exposed have been notified and that they will not reopen until staff test negative for COVID-19."

The 99 Restaurant in Foxboro about a month ago had a worker test positive for the virus. It closed for a deep cleaning and only opened after staff tests showed negative results, Arvedon said.

Perruna has run Tavolino, an Italian restaurant, for a dozen years and planned to open Citizen Crust in March but the pandemic hit.

Citizen Crust, which offers global-style street food including pizza, opened first for takeout and outside dining and then inside dining July 6.

It’s located a short walk from Tavolino.

Stephen Peterson can be reached at 508-236-0377.

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