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Wrentham Town Hall. (Staff file photo by Mike George)

WRENTHAM — The town is asking the state for permission to increase its liquor license quota.

Board members voted Tuesday to ask the Legislature to increase the number of all alcoholic liquor licenses by six, and beer and wine licenses by three.

The move comes on the heels of voters at the November town meeting giving the board the authority to request the increases.

A representative of Town Beer and Wine off South Street inquired Tuesday about obtaining a full, all alcohol package store license, based on customer requests.

Selectmen explained the intent of the town meeting vote was not to add package store licenses, but licenses that could be used by restaurants.

Selectman Stephen Langley said it was for “opening up more restaurant-type establishments in town to help economic development.”

A few of the licenses are expected to be used in the residential/commercial complex being developed off Route 1 near Madison Street and Plainville. A few restaurants are planned there.

Selectmen did acknowledge if they don’t see a lot of interest in the new licenses requested, they could revisit the mix of licenses and bring the issue back to town meeting.

“I’ll look at this again, but right now I would like to keep it back to what the spirit of discussion was,” Langley said.

The town is at its quota for full package store licenses at three, held by Mike’s Deli on Shears Street, Wampum Corner Liquors and Mike’s Liquors in King Philip Plaza off Randall Road.

The town does have two of its five beer and wine package store licenses available.

“Eight is a lot for a town this size,” Selectman Charles Kennedy said.

STEPHEN PETERSON covers Wrentham for The Sun Chronicle. He can be reached at 508-236-0377 or at speterson@thesunchronicle.com, and followed on Twitter @SCWrentham.

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