An illustration of the coronavirus.

Here’s some good news for those desperate souls looking for some.

There were no new coronavirus deaths reported by the state’s Department of Public Health on Tuesday.

That’s the first time that’s happened since March 21.

The first death in the state was recorded on March 20.

Over the seven days prior to Tuesday, the state averaged 31 deaths per day.

The lowest number during that time was 16 deaths on June 23.

The highest number was 50 on June 26.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the 10-community Sun Chronicle area remains at 132.

That number has not changed since June 19 when an Attleboro resident died of the disease.

DPH also recorded 114 new cases on Tuesday.

The daily average of new cases has been about 220 over the last two weeks with a spike of 373 on June 27.

The state is now in week 16 of the pandemic, which has taken the lives of 8,054 Massachusetts residents and sickened 108,882.

Coronavirus mainly afflicts those over the age of 65 and it’s especially deadly for residents of nursing homes.

Out of the 8,054 deaths statewide, 5,106 or 63.4 percent have hit nursing homes residents.

Meanwhile, the death toll overall was reduced by DPH from the 8,095 reported on Monday to 8,054 on Tuesday.

A note explained that “ongoing data cleaning” had removed deaths that were reported more than once.

The “date cleaning” reduced the number of deaths in Bristol County by one from 575 to 574.

It cut the number in Norfolk County from 930 to 923.

In addition, key markers of the progress in the fight against the virus continue to go down.

The number of hospitalizations fell to 733, a reduction of 1,014 patients this month alone and a reduction of 3,146 since the high point on April 27 when the pandemic was wreaking havoc statewide.

The number of those in hospital intensive care units fell to 120 and the number of those on ventilators dipped to 63.

Both are the lowest numbers recorded since the high points of 1,089 on April 27 and 289 on June 1, respectively.

Both have been falling steadily since those dates.

DPH first reported the number of those on ventilators June 1.

Locally, Sturdy Memorial Hospital reported 16 patients with coronavirus on Tuesday and none were in the ICU.

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