June And Her Demons

Norton High grad Amelia Kirshon is surrounded by “demons” in “June in a Parallel Universe.” (Photo by Ann-Marie Kirshon)

NORTON — Amelia Kirshon transformed a novel idea in the notes section of her phone into a short story, which eventually evolved into “June in a Parallel Universe.”

Kirshon, who graduated this year from Norton High School, describes “June” as a “full-length musical about the darkness that connects each of us, and the lives that don’t always get to be seen. It is a love letter to our minds because it seems we are always at war with them instead of really hearing what they have to say.”

The musical is a coming-of-age tale where June, the main character, struggles blending into the background of life. She imagines a parallel universe version of herself, Winter. But, as Winter’s power grows, June gets more insecure. The audience is given a front seat in June’s mind when an ensemble follows her, vocalizing her intrusive thoughts.

For Love and Music, a non-profit organization that raises money for the Greater Boston Food Bank and non-perishable goods for Norton’s Cupboard of Kindness, is putting on the musical.

The non-profit was started by Kirshon’s family in 2018. As a child, Ann-Marie Alves, Kirshon’s mom, volunteered at food pantries and developed a passion for volunteer work.

“We wanted to figure out a way to help feed our local citizens in need and when we realized how much the Greater Boston Food Bank was able to do with the money we raised, we knew it was the perfect place to raise money for,” Alves said.

For every dollar donated, the Greater Boston Food Bank donates three meals to people in need.

Four years in the works, Kirshon used the finished musical as her senior project for school, the requirements of which were to create a presentation that could be shown to a panel of judges.

The play will be staged this week at Mockingbird and Music Studios in Easton, and Kirshon rallied a few of her friends from Norton High and Uncommon Theatre in Mansfield to participate as cast members.

“Amelia and I went to school together and became super close friends in senior year when she told me about her musical,” said Rosie Conklin, who plays Winter in “June.” “After she wrote Act 1 a couple of friends and I table-read for it and she had me read as Winter. That made me fall in love with the show and the character and I knew I had to do the show.”

For Love and Music generally hosts two events a year while raising about $300 for the Greater Boston Food Bank and three bins of non-perishable goods for Cupboard of Kindness.

The non-profit is hoping to raise $500 for the GBFB this year through the showing of “June” as well as six bins of non-perishable goods for Cupboard of Kindness.

The show is already sold out but if you would still like to support For Love and Music, you can livestream the musical July 22 and July 23 at 8 p.m. Go to forloveandmusic.org for the link.

Even though the livestream is free, the non-profit asks that you make a donation of any amount to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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