Winslow Farm Donkeys

Three miniature donkeys are the newest residents of Winslow Farm in Norton. More barn space will have to be built for them.

NORTON - There's a new trio of residents in town.

Scamp, Bianca and Zorro, all miniature donkeys, are settling into their new home at Winslow Farm after coming to the farm about two weeks ago.

The donkeys came from Attleboro after the owners contacted Winslow Farm because they felt they couldn't keep up with their care anymore.

"They were cared for, but they just couldn't do it any longer," Winslow Farm owner Debra White said.

The donkeys have joined the more than 200 animals that call Winslow Farm home and are open for visits. By request, children can even lead one of the donkeys around for a walk between 12:30 and 2 p.m., White said.

With so many animals already at the farm, White said she "put a lot of thought into taking them" but ultimately decided that she couldn't turn the trio away.

"They were very sweet," she said.

"We couldn't say no," said Erin King, White's intern.

Now that they've arrived at the farm, they need a new place to stay because all the other stalls are filled with the other animals.

"All the stalls are taken right now," King said. "All the stalls are full."

For now, the donkeys have a small tent-like structure, but they will need a permanent and more sturdy place to take shelter once colder weather rolls in.

The farm has plans to build a barn for the donkeys, but White estimates that the cost to build the structure could soar to around $15,000, which is why she's turning to the public for help and asking for donations to help fund the project.

"We need to build a barn for them," she said. "Definitely, by winter."

In addition to the costs of building a new shelter, the donkeys have some health issues, and White is hoping that some of the donations can help cover their medical costs.

Checks payable to Winslow Farm, cash, PayPal, donations are all accepted by the farm. To donate or for more information, visit

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