Time again to toss out ruminations and observations

Why ...

 Do Sun Chronicle contributors make presumptions about other authors’ political affiliation? If a writer does not espouse a liberal bend, criticism and verbal flagellation focus on that writer being a Republican. And then a racist.

 Has the state not mandated that school districts plan to open all schools, fulltime? No provisions allowed for remote teaching.

 Are state leaders not demanding MCAS be conducted? This is imperative for developing remedial, extra time teaching efforts to be implemented. As the rest of the world suffered learning progress, this is an opportunity to close some of the known USA vs. the world gaps.

 Do congressional Republicans — in stark contrast to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer toward President Donald Trump — appear to be willing to work with President Joe Biden?

 Does anyone think it is OK to enter this sovereign nation illegally, occupy our towns, and receive any assistance beyond immediate, life saving or stop-disease-spreading medical assistance?

 Do people think if the Democrats stifle our economy with ‘Green New Deal’ offerings the planet is going to be saved? Is there no realization that other producers ... duh ... China, is not going to fill production gaps using methods that are more polluting?

 Is the current administration, suddenly, concerned with origins of the coronavirus? Several things are clear: China does not want folks poking around. The WHO has zero ability to investigate. Scientific and intelligence communities have no agreement on the origins. Man-made? Animal to human? Lab screw up? We will never know. Logic suggests since the Chinese won’t allow investigators to get a good-deep-dive look, the conclusion is they are hiding a real threat.

 Does anyone think requiring voters to present a valid ID at the polls is a bad idea? Rather than wasting energy arguing, refocus excitement on getting an ID for all voters. Infringement on voting privileges? If the government can mandate felons not vote, then it is not a right but privilege. Like other privileges, think driving, one needs to be vetted and licensed. The government says the constitutionally protected right to possess a gun needs the exerciser to have a license. Rights and privileges have been subjugated to licensing.

 Is the government still giving away money for not working? You can’t go by two businesses without seeing a “help wanted” sign. Grocery stores are offering $17 an hour for baggers! What kind of character allows for an individual able to, but unwilling to work, take money for doing nothing? The government is complicit when there is no mandate to get kids back in school full time.

 How about this UFO stuff? Do people really buy the proposition UFOs are extra terrestrial visitors? The truth is reality stretching craft that the government will not admit exist. Those who have an interest will want to look at the history of the U-2 and development of Kelly Johnson’s SR-71. Years of inconceivable aviation advances hidden from the public, shrouded in secrecy. The rational explanation for UFOs is secret government projects. What better way to mislead the public than allow the idea of unknown aliens from a galaxy far-far away.

Bob Foley is a Sun Chronicle columnist. His essays are published here each Friday.

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