As a former teacher, I am still on the mailing list of organizations like the MTA (Mass Teachers Association) and the NEA (National Educator Association).

To be clear, there is very little offered from either of these groups that has much value. But it is interesting to maintain awareness of what current ‘wokeness’ they are spouting.

I was particularly concerned the other day when I received one of the periodic updates from MTA leader Merrie Najimy. Here is a snippet from the news letter:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has also laid bare what we have known for years to be true: The system of white supremacy is embedded within all institutions in our society — including public education. As I testified on Monday, I named just a few ways that we see it in public education: through white-centric curriculum that perpetuates lies and alienates students of color, in the failure to create a pipeline for and recruitment of a diverse educator force, and in the racist outcomes of the MCAS tests.”

OK, sure, this is America. Avoid slander, violence-invoking speech and so forth and you have a right to say whatever drifts across your brain, as insane as it sounds. But stop for a minute and ponder what this leader of the state’s overarching teacher association is saying to the rank and file. Najimy is telling the tens of thousands of public school teachers the system in which they operate was intentionally constructed to hold back any student who is not white.

Consider a 22-23-year-old graduating from teacher school. The leadership of that ‘must-join-the-union’ group tells you the organization in which you are working is biased, prejudiced, white-centric and created to hold back anyone who is not white. Having just completed a more or less liberal arts curriculum for four years, you have been exposed to these ideas during that experience. Here it is again in the fantasy, pretend world of academia.

Now, these naive, inexperienced kids are told first that you must join the union. Then assigned a mentor in their school who may or may not subscribe to the lunacy spouted by so-called leaders like Najimy. Not knowing any better and cautioned to ‘go along to get along’, they blithely accept what ever nonsense is proffered. After all, it fits the narrative they heard for years in college.

These newbies are likely timid enough to not vocalize political prejudices. They recognize it is a violation of school policy but they will wonder why their experienced (i.e. tenured-professional status) colleagues have no filters regarding any issue. And more than likely, the administration will feign unawareness when concerns of any overt liberal social agenda policies are lectured to students.

The result is the nonsense spewed by Najimy, et al., becomes the standard. Institutionalized racism, white centric curriculum, no standardized testing because those are created to foster racist outcomes. I wish I were making this stuff up. But there it is in print: distributed to tens of thousands of the state’s teachers. These are the people your kids spend six to seven hours a day with in school, 10 months a year.

It is no stretch to recognize this jibber-jabber as Critical Race Theory. Seems CRT is not a real mainstream agenda adopted by school systems so the MTA is cleverly avoiding the moniker. But c’mon, if it quacks, got web feet, an orange bill?

One confounding thought. Groups like the MTA condemn standardized testing. But these tests are designed and deployed by the same leaders the unions elect. Doesn’t it make sense the tests reflect the values and goals aspired to by all? But the MTA does not want to measure progress against the goals.

Unless you think its appropriate for your kids to be indoctrinated to this hogwash by people who are supposed to be teaching the 3R’s, not stumping for some social agenda, it’s time to contact your school committee.

Tell them you will not tolerate this left-wing biased, blatantly prejudiced stuff being pushed onto your children. Tell them standardized tests are used to measure against the state standards for learning and knowledge. Tell them no one can be held accountable for performance greater than the lowest, minimum standards so without testing, how does anyone know if progress is being made.

CRT is divisive, false and does not belong in public schools. Leave the ducks in the pond.

Bob Foley, a Mansfield resident, former Marine pilot, high school math teacher and engineer, writes here each Friday.

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