I would have to mostly agree to differ with the opinion of The Sun Chronicle. “The Freedom not to listen” Our View, Sept. 4).

Vigorous public disagreement is, and has been, a part of our political system since the beginning of our republic.

Political satire is a humorous, ironic, and a sarcastic examination of the political arena in an attempt to expose absurdity and hypocrisy. The truth always lays behind the banter.

Now comes City Councilor Heather Porrecca, using taxpayer money, wasting Attleboro Police Department resources, all to suppress my First Amendment right for her own political gain.

This is a gross misuse of judgment and a waste of time. I imagine APD has already spent a couple thousand dollars on her frivolous whining. The Attleboro residents deserve better.

Many of my hundreds of followers and readers of my tweets, posts and parodies, have also come to enjoy my repartee as a bonus. Most agree and obviously some, (like The Sun Chronicle) do not. For those who need to be shielded from the use of the First Amendment, there is always a scroll mechanism in place.

However, when Porrecca blocks and/or bans residents from her campaign site, as she has done with many Attleboro residents, that is called “illegal viewpoint discrimination.”

The attorney general and my attorneys have been notified of this activity and she will be hearing about this in the coming days.

To your guest columnist Gretchen Robinson. (“Jonathan Weydt has gone too far,” guest column, Sept. 4.): When you were standing at the podium advocating to the councilors to allow a medical marijuana facility for the folks who suffer on a daily basis, we were on the same side of this issue. This was, after all, my legislation that got swatted down because Porrecca deemed a medical facility such as this a “public safety hazard.” The gesture in which you refer was directed at Porrecca, and councilors Mark Cooper and Jay Dilisio and their shortsightedness of how this could help ailing residents and also bring in some much-needed revenue to our city.

Robinson continues on her tirade that I was kicked off the very site that I continue to ply my witty trade on a daily basis.

Continuing on, she falsely gave credit to Porrecca for founding the Attleboro Farmers Market. Wrong again. This was founded by none other than Richard Conti and his wife Martha Iannazzi Conti, long before Porrecca was even an Attleboro resident.

The irony missed in all of this, was the fact that then-councilor Jonathan Weydt took the Farmers Market from the jaws of certain death and had a vote reconsidered in which allowed the Farmers Market to continue.

Her concluding burn-out was to falsely claim that I was a misogynist because I only lampoon women. This is laughable. She should speak to the police chief, City Councilors Peter Blais, Dilisio, Cooper, Frank Cook, Todd Kobus, Mayor Kevin Dumas and Mayor Paul Heroux as well as candidate Jim Poore. They all have been on the receiving end of my roasts.

Finally, I would be more than happy to put my accomplishments of four years up against any achievements Porrecca may have had over her six years on the board.

The writer is a former city councilor.

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