Hello my name is Julie Boyce and I am running for North Attleboro Town Council.

My husband and I have lived in North Attleboro for 20 years now. All of our children attended North Attleboro schools. Five have graduated already and one is still in high school and our youngest in grade school.

I have served on the Ten Mile River Committee to address the flooding issues, served as secretary for the RTM Coordinating Committee, and secretary for the planning board.

Served as commissioner for the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

Serve as president of Falls Fire Barn Museum, serve as secretary for the board of directors for the AAIC (Attleboro Area Council of Churches) and I volunteer for Food n’ Friends Soup Kitchen and am an interpreter for the deaf.

I am a researcher at heart and I have a lifetime of experience, volunteer work and hands-on education. I enjoy public service and giving back to my community. I have attended many workshops and seminars for North Attleboro. I am familiar with the history of the town’s annual reports. If elected, my goal has always been to serve the people of this town I live in and love. Protecting our seniors, veterans and families, Help keep our businesses here and the residents in their homes. Save money, reduce spending and keeping our taxes under control.

I am not in favor of new taxes. We need to apply for more grants, more funding by state and federal. Smart economic development can benefit the people, preserve our schools, neighborhoods and the historic charm we have here in North Attleboro.

My top priority is to represent you and address your needs and concerns.

I believe in transparency and communication is the key. Our form of government should be for the people and by the people. This is not about what I want. It is about what you want and what the people need.

I hope you will support me for North Attleboro Town Council on June 18.

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