Sundays I take The New York Times news quiz on line. Sometimes I’m lucky. But I always learn something.

For example, I learned where Patrick Mahomes was when Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl game. In kindergarten.

And then I realized all my children are older than Tom, and two of my grandchildren are older that Patrick. I looked it up and discovered, no surprise, that I am older than Tom Brady’s father.

Also, I suspect I am the second oldest regular player in the pickle ball “league” at the Y.

I also know — it was obvious, but for some reason I never thought about it before — that Adolph Hitler and I walked the earth at the same time. Unbelievable.

These are the kinds of thoughts I have during a week that I celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the Blizzard of ‘78, and a birthday. The only gifts I got that year were homemade or from someone’s basement. It helped that one neighbor was a liquor salesman.

Old am I? Thank the Goddess for a young wife.

Saturday sermon

“The greatest satisfaction in life is to be wise and to look like a fool.”

— opd


There’s always a necessary gap between when I write this column and the Saturday it is published. So, after writing last week’s column about vaccinations, I got one. Moderna. In Attleboro. At LaSalette. Eight minutes from home. Thanks to the Attleboro Health Department. Everyone very friendly and efficient. In and out in less than a half-hour. That letter-writer in Tuesday’s paper was spot on.

Heard at the bar

Ex-President Trump’s biggest crime during the insurrection was that he sat at home watching it on TV and did absolutely nothing, as commander-in-chief, to stop it or to protect Congress.

So you’re so smart …

Last week I bet you couldn’t tell me what February and March always have in common except for some quadrennial exceptions.

“That would be that the days all fall on the same date,” writes Bill, correctly. February and March are mirror months for 28 days, but that changes in leap years. Maureen got it right, too.

“During leap year February is a day longer and March 1 starts a day later,” explains Ron. “I must add, that I look forward to these challenges every week.”

Now, I bet you can’t tell me how many times in the past four years the Trumps dined out in D.C. at somewhere not at his hotel there.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I don’t do Word Searches but — heck, it was snowing — I did take a crack at the Valentine’s one in the paper. I found hoe, pap, Ben, Sam (twice), Bea, Poe, wand, sand, wan, pot, perv, port, CIA, sap, tea, clop, sip, trio, and, tar, pens, rap, mod, ID, art, sir, dip, can, bad, bloc, job, no, man, ‘Nam, sib, agog, tog, top, cab, on, lab, foe, bra, so, dip, gin, gut, dab, grog, par, the, ma, rep, he, bar, pew, it and crap — and only a few of them relate to romance. As I said, I don’t do Word Searches …

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Thanks. See you next week.

ORESTE P. D’ARCONTE is a former publisher of The Sun Chronicle. Reach him at

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