“Am I the only one who is afraid this winter is going to seem like an eternity?”

I said to the other three members of my golf foursome recently.

The thought crossed my mind as we were nearing the end of our round since my friends and I have never been fans of playing golf when the temperature drops below 50 degrees.

It hit me that we had less than a handful of rounds remaining in an already shortened season.

It was one of many thoughts I’ve had recently. Here are some others:

 Golf has been the only part of my life that feels normal since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to forget about everything we’ve been through this year when lining up an eight-foot putt.

 The PGA Tour is known for the millions of dollars raised every year to benefit local charities, but it’s important to note fundraising isn’t limited to the professionals. A tournament held earlier this month at Rehoboth’s Hazelton Golf Club in honor of the late Kevin “Corby” Cavalieri brought in over $7,000 for the Chris Cornetta Foundation.

 One of my regular golfing partners often says, “and we’ll never know” after leaving a putt three feet short in describing the direction we thought the ball would roll on its way to the cup. The same can be said about COVID and whether things would be different today had the government taken swift decisive action toward the end of last winter.

 I want the pandemic to end as much as the next person and am still waiting for the great “hoax” of 2020 to “suddenly disappear.”

 Pattie and I were on a 5K walk last weekend when I felt tightness in my upper torso. My Apple watch displayed a normal heart rate so I wasn’t worried about a heart issue. I also wasn’t concerned about the coronavirus. Why? I was certain I would be given the same experimental antiviral cocktail as the president and my health insurance would happily pay for it.

 The commercials for ballot Question 1 are out of control. I’ll leave it at that since next week’s column will be dedicated to the election “scheduled” to take place the following day. I used the quotation marks because I wouldn’t put it past the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to try.

 I am blocking an average of 15 “friends” a day on Facebook who are taking the election to an unhealthy level. Only the people posting racists memes were permanently deleted, the rest were put in a 30-day timeout.

 Count me among the residents who agree with Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux’s plans to cut back on waste. Moves to eliminate Styrofoam and items often discarded along the streets of area communities should be coming down from national and state leaders. When they refuse to bow to big companies, however, it’s up to residents to take the fight to them and the mayor’s request for ordinances are a move in the right direction.

 Heroux recently posted on social media a photo of three bags of trashed he picked up while walking his dog Sashi. The mayor added that he is able to fit the trash he finds into the new barrels provided by the city. What he needs to remember, however, is that he is a bachelor and doesn’t live in a house with multiple family members. The shape of the new barrels forces me each week to plan how I’m going to place items in the bin most weeks.

 It’s been said that government moves slowly, but 20 years? Action was finally taken to post warnings along North Attleboro’s Mount Hope Street to reduce speeding. The original request was made in an official “Action Needed Report” submitted by a resident of the street, the late Charles Legg, on Nov. 13, 2000. His widow Doris visited me at North TV a couple of weeks ago knowing I would enjoy the story.

Peter Gay is the Executive Director of North Attleborough Community Television Inc. — North TV. The views expressed in his column are not necessarily those of North TV. Reach him at pgay@northtv.net.

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