The advantage of choosing the right picture for your computer’s wallpaper is that it can sometimes help you escape the pressures of everyday life.

It is why my laptop has a photo of the sun setting off the coast of Provincetown taken from the cottage we have rented for the past two decades at Days’ Condominiums in Truro.

During a particular tough day at work recently, I glanced at that photo and then double-clicked the calendar at the bottom of the screen.

I felt better when I calculated that we will see that view in person 30 weeks from Saturday.

The items below will make you realize it might be good for me to get away long before then. These are some of many things that have been bothering me of late:

 Drivers in any vehicle other than the one I’m in. Whether it’s being behind someone trying to get out of a side street when they’re not ready when there is a break in the traffic, others driving at a snail’s pace or the jerks who weave in and out of traffic on the highway.

 People who look at me like I have three heads because I’ve been listening to Christmas music in my car and at home since October 27 when the Hallmark Channel had its season premiere on Sirius XM.

 Dads at high school football games who are obviously reliving their youth through their sons.

 Looking forward to a hot dog from the concession stand at Community Field before kickoff on Thanksgiving morning and then having to skip that annual breakfast because of electrical issues in the press box.

 Changing the channel to the local cable access station late on Thanksgiving night and seeing the same few messages rotate on the screen for hours. I’ve been criticized at times for playing sporting events on our channels as often as I do. There’s a reason, however, why hundreds of people (in this case thousands) turn up at a high school game and only a handful attend a lecture at their local library.

 Getting a chance to attend a Patriots’ game with my nephews and then having to suffer through the monsoon that hit Gillette Stadium a week ago Sunday when the team hosted the Cowboys.

 Fans who act like idiots screaming at players when they know that no one on the field can actually hear them. The worst I witnessed was when we attended a viewing party in the Putnam Club at Gillette when New England visited Philadelphia and a guy screamed “hands up” to the Pats’ defensive linemen every time the Eagles’ quarterback dropped back to pass.

 People who purchase a house next to a golf course then demand that the holes be changed to keep errant shots from entering their yards.

 Spending a Saturday afternoon clearing every leaf from my yard only to have to do it all over again because other people on our street haven’t had their landscaping company complete their fall cleanup.

 Seeing an Attleboro phone number on my caller ID and then having some guy who claims to be “Steve” obviously calling from central Asia.

 Going online after seeing a black Friday ad and thinking I’m actually going to get 25 percent off a new golf club. The model I wanted was, of course, one of the items exempt from the discount.

 The hierarchy and hypocrisy of the Catholic church. I have a difficult time believing that bishops, cardinals and the Pope really care about local parishioners, especially when a beloved priest is transferred or the house of worship they’ve attended their entire lives is closed. I have to wonder if Catholics would be better off owning our own churches and hiring our own priests.

 Otherwise intelligent people ignoring the fact that the head of their political party is one of the biggest liars in the history of this country. The ends do not justify the means.

 Those same people thinking that members of the media really care who is president. One recent letter to the editor claimed, “The Sun Chronicle writers and columnists, as well as the vast majority of the media, are mere adjuncts of the Democratic National Committee.” That reader should know that I was a Republican until a few week ago, but could no longer support a party that looks the other way while our constitution is being shredded before our eyes. I am now unenrolled. The letter writer should be, as well.

There’s no doubt about it … I need a vacation!

Peter Gay is the Executive Director of North Attleborough Community Television Inc. – North TV. The views expressed in his column are not necessarily those of North TV. He may be contacted at

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