As we enter a new month and a new season (there’s a bright scarlet leaf on the maple tree outside my front door — summer is done, people, get over it) a few random questions:

Am I old, exhausted or just a bad fan because I fell asleep during the third quarter of the Patriots’ home opener? To be fair, the Steelers fell asleep during the first quarter, but still....

I’ve been trying to follow the Brexit drama online and via Twitter but I honestly can’t tell if this is a genuine political crisis or an extended Monty Python sketch. Her Majesty’s first minister calling the right honorable gentleman, the leader of the loyal opposition, a “big girl’s blouse” is actually a thing? Any minute now I expect a member of parliament to tweet, “It’s not much of a cheese shop really, is it?”

Sitting up at night with a sick dog gives you some insight into what the phrase “sick as a dog” actually means. Her vet says she seems to have the canine equivalent of irritable bowel and when she gets an attack let’s just say I’m eternally grateful that she’s an 11-pound Chihuahua mix and not an Irish wolfhound.

Getting back to Brexit for a moment, it’s almost as though the people of the United Kingdom are waking up to the fact that generations of inherited privilege and inbreeding are not generally advantages in governing a modern representative democracy.

And just because I woke up to see the end of the New England — Pittsburgh game and didn’t then switch over to the Yankees — Red Sox (which was still going on) does not mean I am not a loyal Boston fan. It doesn’t.

So, the next time one of your progressive friends goes on about the unfairness of the Electoral College or the dangers of an “imperial presidency” and talks about how the United States should consider a parliamentary system (yes, this was a talking point from some years ago) direct him to any British news website. The argument against this used to be, well, what if, instead of like Great Britain, we’re like Italy? Now it would be, well, what if we’re like Britain?

The Trumps are going to be our next political dynasty? So we can look forward to Moe, Larry and Ivanka?

One further thought on the Brits. I am quite happy that H.R.H. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has begun preschool. Really, I am. She’s just cute as a button and reportedly a handful. (Her nickname is “Warrior Princess”.) But I have to think that it’s probably not a great thing for discipline that the head of school has to curtsy to Mummy and Daddy on her first day of class.

Tom Reilly is The Sun Chronicle’s night editor. He can be reached at 508-236-0332 or except in the case of the Spanish Inquisition, which no one expects. Follow him on Twitter @Tomreillynews

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