Thank you Seekonk voters for saying no to plastic bags

To the editor:

I want to thank the voters for their support and vote at the Seekonk Spring Town Meeting held May 13.

Without the votes of our concerned citizens, we would not have been able to pass the single use plastic bag ban. Cities and towns around us have voted to put an end to the single use plastic grocery bags. I am proud to live among neighbors who understand the vital importance of this first step in changing the way we view single-use plastics.

Also, I am sure many people have seen photos of what plastic straws have done to wildlife. Turtles and other sea creatures have been photographed with them stuck up their noses, with the only way of removing them was with human intervention.

Plastics and straws have been found in the stomachs of birds and sea life, and contribute to many untimely deaths. Straws are a part of our everyday lives, handed out automatically with every beverage. Do we really need a straw to drink a glass of water? What if your favorite restaurant didn’t hand them out with every beverage, but instead asked if customers wanted one? Think of all the plastic that would be removed from our landfills, and ultimately our waters. Making straws optional would actually save restaurants money over time as more and more people stopped using them. How about asking the manager or owner of the establishments you frequent to start asking customers if they needed a straw with their beverage?

Little changes made over time can really add up to big results. While change can seem hard at first, remember that theses changes are not just for today. The things we do today to stop the damage being done to the air, water, land and all living creatures will positively impact generations to come.

Ronald Bennett


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