Attleboro should not buy Locust Valley

To the editor:

Re: “Locust Valley in Limbo: Attleboro’s next elected mayor will wrestle with whether the city should buy former golf course,” front page, Jan. 21:

There is no greater example of “money burning a hole in their pocket” than politicians.

Plainly and frankly, the City of Attleboro does not need, nor should it spend a large amount of money on yet another white elephant that is Locust Valley. The city already has a large piece, Highland Country Club for which there is no need for the city to own and the city gains no taxes from it.

Further, the city never demonstrated a rational purpose or need for buying Highland Country Club.

What’s interesting within the recent report by the excellent Jim Hand, is that nowhere does it indicate that Locust Valley owner David Bourque is ready to sell, or wants to do so. This confirms that the desire for new ownership is strictly from city leaders who are itching to spend, spend, spend, your tax dollars.

I have to ask all locals.. “Aren’t your taxes high enough yet?”

Given the poor investment environment these days, Bourque’s ownership of Locust Valley will continue to make him more money than the stock market. So why sell now?

The whole idea is fiscally irresponsible. Reject the entire proposal.

Gerald F. Chase


The writer is a former Attleboro City Councilor.

The writer is a former Attleboro City Councilor.