Biden’s and McCarthy’s gifts to the MAGA caucus

To the editor:

The disclosure of President Joe Biden’s possession of classified documents from his vice presidential term of office is manna to the crazed MAGA legislators and right-wing pundits. And, as is the case in so many situations, it is the hypocrisy and lack of transparency that keeps the story alive one news cycle after another.

Biden’s critical comments about former President Donald Trump’s removal and unsecured storage of classified documents from the White House is an indication that Biden suffers from a lack of veracity or memory, either of which could sink his ratings even further and torpedo his run for re-election, and render him an ineffectual lame-duck president.

Anyone paying attention understands that Trump’s actions from the time of removal, until the last documents are pried from his residence or properties, is the real issue due to his lack of cooperation and defiant attitude, which is the most contemptible and probably indictable. While Biden’s yet-to-be satisfactorily-explained possession of these documents may be sloppiness or ignorance, it appears to be without nefarious motive.

The MAGA Republican representatives are gleeful and all that is missing is fist bumping by the most fanatical legislators that have maneuvered plum committee assignments, been promised that the debt ceiling will not be increased, and that they can hold Speaker Kevin McCarthy accountable and constantly threatened by one vote. And most gratifying to them is that they have been given the green light to commence payback investigations and can ignore the really important issues facing the country.

Betty Ussach