Golf Locust Valley

A no trespassing sign at Locust Valley in Attleboro.

To the editor:

Re: “Attleboro mayor eyes purchase of former Locust Valley Golf Course,” Front Page, July 28:

Now the dreadful spendthrift, Paul Heroux, wants to waste even more money by buying the former Locust Valley golf course.

We knew that the former Highland County Club land would burn a hole in his pocket, but this new proposal would become an enormous conflagration, in comparison.

However, such over-spending would not come out of his pocket — it would come out of the city residents pocket. Heroux spends like the proverbial drunken sailor. We do not need it!

Frankly, this excessive, needless spending is financially reckless. The city has some important infrastructure needs and the local residents are going to be really hurting this winter, trying to pay for needed home heating fuel.

Families are already struggling to buy necessities, like food.

The city does not belong in the land acquisition, ownership, or development business. The proper goal of government is to keep it as small as possible — not forever making it larger and more expensive. Heroux’s philosophy is just plain wrong.

Finally, the Attleboro City Council has forgotten their rightful loyalty to taxpayers. It surely seems like they try much harder to please the mayor instead of pleasing the voters. This is also just plain wrong.

We need to elect a new mayor in November 2023.

Are your taxes high enough yet?

Gerald F. Chase