Columnist appears to be just another cult member

To the editor:

Re: “Is anybody in charge?” by Bob Foley (column, Sept. 10):

As a sympathetic person I do feel bad for Bob Foley.

In a Red State, the views he expresses in his weekly columns might be enough to have him become a local celebrity. Unfortunately for him he resides in the most educated state in the country.

As an educator to a former educator, I will do my part to point out the delusions highlighted in his most recent column.

What president(s) share responsiblity for what happened in Afghanistan?





The correct answer is all of the above, to varying degrees of culpability.

Because the withdrawal was mishandled the GOP would like all of the blame to fall on Biden. Why? Because it enables GOP partisans like Foley to talk about “ineptitude” and “buyers remorse.”

Our former president tried to overturn an election, inspired an insurrection in our capital and mishandled a pandemic to the degree it adversely impacts the entire country everyday!

U.S. Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney show that conservative values and courage are not mutually exclusive.

It is past time for Foley and others to unequivocally repudiate what happened Jan. 6 rather then use his platform to make digs at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s make-up and make inane statements like “no one is in charge of our goverment.”

Write your columns from the perspective of a former problem solving engineer rather than a member of a cult.

Edward Smith


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