Drivers, not Route 1, are to blame for danger

To the editor:

Re: “A dangerous road: Local resident, officials advocating for safety improvements to Route 1 in Wrentham,” Front Page, June 18:

Hmm, let’s see ... 29,000 vehicles/day x 365 days x six years.

If my math is correct that amounts to 63.57 million vehicles with four deaths and 300 accidents.

I feel for those involved, but it seems to me that Route 1 is not the cause.

It is the fault of those who speed, drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or while distracted, such as being on a cell phone.

No matter what changes are made to Route 1, the aforementioned causes will continue.

I have driven on Route 1 for over 50 years and have always found it to be a safe highway.

Bruce Bowden