To the editor:

I was recently attending an event where Matt Kelly, candidate for state senator, was speaking. He told the group of socially distanced people in attendance, that when voting in the next election, “it is about the person, not the party.”

As a newly “unenrolled” voter myself, those words rang true with me. I am casting my votes for the candidates that I think will do the best job for the town of North Attleboro and the people of Massachusetts. In my mind, those candidates are Adam Scanlon, and Matt Kelly.

As vice president of North Attleboro’s Town Council and chairman of the Finance Committee, and previously a member of the Board of Selectmen, RTM, and the “old” Finance Committee, I have a deep understanding of how North Attleboro has consistently been on the “short end of the stick” when it comes to the amount of state aid we receive. State aid has decreased as a percentage of our town’s budget every year that I’ve been in office and is part of a long-term trend that goes back over a decade. This hurts our town’s ability to fund critical services and forces us to rely more on local property taxes to fund our town. With the coronavirus pandemic putting a strain on state coffers, state aid is more at risk than ever.

As such, it is of critical importance that we elect leaders who have a deep understanding of the budgetary and policy issues facing our communities, and who have a proven track record of rolling up their sleeves, and doing the hard work required to ensure that we finally start getting our fair share of state aid back into our town.

The two candidates that are best prepared to do this, are Kelly and Scanlon.

Justin Pare

North Attleboro

The writer is vice president of the North Attleboro Town Council and chairman of the Standing Finance Committee.

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