Endorsement for Todd McGhee, candidate for mayor

To the editor:

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to endorse Todd McGhee as Attleboro’s new mayor.

I admire McGhee because he seems determined to help the people of Attleboro. I truly believe that he understands the problems that we are facing. The rat infestation needs to get under control, we need to protect our citizens from diseases and rid Attleboro of the rising infestations. He gets it.

I personally believe that driving through Attleboro and seeing the suboxone clinic is a disgrace. He believes the clinics should be moved to the outskirts of downtown, but within bus routes.

Do yourself a favor listen to him and what his agenda is. He certainly has the credentials to run this city.

Can anyone honestly say that Attleboro isn’t going downhill quickly? It’s time to vote for improvement. Vote for McGhee.

Pamela Alfred


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