Expand the wetlands protection buffer zone

To the editor:

I am adding my voice to the many other residents, experts, and elected officials who support the proposal that would increase the wetlands buffer to 75 feet.

 Wetlands serve the critical role of filtering. Pre-filtering wetland waters not only serves to biologically cleanse the water, but reduces the cost and amount of chemical treatment needed, as well as reducing the burden on expensive treatment facilities before distributing to homes and businesses.

 While we acquire most of our water from surface supplies much of that water reaches those surface locations by way of aquifers that are fed by low and wetlands. Whether the source is in our city or a surrounding town, the ground water needs to be protected.

 We pay for a portion of our water from surrounding towns. If those sources are no longer available because of changes in state or local allocations or water cycle disruptions, we will be left to fend for ourselves.

Water is a security issue. If we are not overly conservative in protecting the nursery of our water resources, we will be left to suffer the consequences.

Once a wetland is gone, it’s gone forever.

 Wetlands serve to store and purify water, mitigate flooding, buffer storm runoff, control erosion, and recharge our aquifers.

We need to make sure that we have an adequate supply of clean water for the current residents of the city.

Michael Davis


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