In an attempt to get away from the political BS back-and-forth that normally fills this page, I wanted to lighten it up by listing some everyday things that drive me crazy.

1. Have you noticed lately that the double yellow lines in the middle of the roads mean nothing to oncoming traffic? I‘ve had traffic drift on or over these lines as they approach me, even as much as have a car over the lines in one case. Come on people pay attention.

2. Have you noticed lately that the same TV commercials repeat over and over at each program break? It gets to the point that you say to yourself that you would not buy the advertised product/service because of the repeated ads.

3. Have you noticed lately the difficulty trying to get into and out of the South Attleboro Home Depot Plaza on the weekends or holidays? It took me 30 minutes to get from Home Depot to the entrance onto Route 1. Also that speed bump helps tremendously doesn’t it?

4. Also, the South Attleboro MBTA station has been in disrepair for years. Now they have closed it down for redesign/repairs. They knew it had to be repaired back years. Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to start back when they determined it had to be repaired and at that point redesigned it, get the materials made up, brought to the site, then shut it down to start dismantling the existing structure?

5. Have you noticed lately that you get used to where everything is in the supermarket only to show up one day and everything is in a different aisle or location?

6. Have you noticed lately that there are roads that have been in terrible need of repair for a long time? They are finally stripped and repaved and are beautiful. What is the next thing that is done within six months? They dig them up for one reason or another. Can’t tell me they didn’t know these projects were coming up and could time them out so this doesn’t happen. It’s ridiculous.

7. Have you noticed lately that when you visit a doctor’s office, drug store, blood testing lab, department store, restaurant, etc., you are immediately sent a survey asking how they did during your visit? I went to my doctor last week and before I got back to my car in the parking lot I got a text with the survey.

8. Scam Calls. Enough said.

9. I thought I could stay away from the political side but have you noticed lately that no matter what the Republicans propose the Democrats will dispute it and no matter what the Democrats propose the Republicans will dispute it? That’s how we make progress. Congress is useless.

The writer is a North Attleboro resident.