Is mine among the names on the right’s list?

To the editor:

Re: “Sun Chronicle carrying water for American communists,” by Karen Ostrom-Kelly (Voice of the public, Oct. 8):

I have to admit that I was extremely alarmed when I read Karen Ostrom-Kelly’s letter in Friday’s paper.

She writes “... Americans are taking names and notes as we watch...”

The object of her wrath appears to be primarily frequent letter writer Aldo Ferraro, but I, too, have written several liberally slanted letters and I worry that my name has also been taken down. So, I quickly put my affairs in order and informed my money borrowing-baby-and pet-sitting-requesting, advice-ignoring relatives that I am in danger.

And if I should be among the future “disappeared” they should not bother looking for me. And, they should especially not look for me at my rich and generous brother-in-law’s condo in Naples, Florida.

Dominic Cuce

North Attleboro

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