It will soon be 2023, not 1823: Time to catch up

To the editor:

Both (Sun Chronicle columnist) Bob Foley and (letter writer) Gerald Chase expressed the opinion that voting should be done only on Election Day, only in person, period.

Absentee ballots are perhaps OK, if you have a reason that meets with their approval.

Is it OK with them that I voted by mail in the September primary since I was in the hospital on primary day?

Or that I voted by mail in the general election because I have a compromised immune system and being inside can be too risky?

Are these gentlemen aware that many states have voting by mail only?

I’m guessing not.

In just a few weeks, it will be 2023, why do these men insist we must vote as they did in 1823? (well, maybe 1923, since women, Black people and Indigenous people couldn’t vote in 1823).

I suspect Foley and Chase simply want only white people who believe as they do to vote?

Really, I need a better reason than “that’s how it’s always been” to insist on eliminating methods of voting that make it more possible for every eligible voter to cast their vote.

Ellen Curran

North Attleboro