To the editor:

At what point do we come to grips with the president’s betrayal of our country. Setting aside his negligence that led to 127,000 dead, the president’s slavish subservience to Russia, confirms, again, that all roads lead to Vladimir Putin. Trump makes a big show about how much he loves the military, but it’s just a show.

Donald Trump’s actions (or in this case inactions) reveal the truth. His silence over the Russian bounties on American soldiers is a betrayal of the men and women who put their lives on the line. Soldiers deserve a commander-in-chief who will take any and every action to protect them. They should not have to worry about being betrayed.

By not exacting a price on the Russians, Trump allows them to keep killing our service men and women with impunity.

How many have died because of Trump’s silence? Trump learned about this months ago, and then drew down American troops in Germany, a huge gift for Russia. We should be pouring troops into Germany to punish Putin.

Trump has proved to be a dependable lapdog, blissfully accepting Putin’s denials and still seeking favor. No one knows what Trump gets out of this one-sided relationship that undermines our democracy and international interests.

A veteran sponsored TV ad calls Trump a flat-out traitor. Another Republican ad has a former Navy SEAL and founder of a veterans’ group saying Trump is either in league with Putin or a coward.

When Republican groups openly and relentlessly attack a Republican president; when veterans’ groups call the pesident a traitor; when John Bolton, a hyper-partisan conservative, says Trump should be denied a second term, when retired Republican leaders say they will not vote for Trump ... when these things happen, voters realize there is something seriously wrong.

This year many conservatives will disregard their normal party preference and vote as patriots. They may sit home, write in a name, vote for a third party or even the Democrat. But they will not support a president who betrays our servicemen and women.

Ken Watson


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