To the editor:

I watched the city council committee meeting (Tuesday, Sept. 10) regarding a resolution by Ward 3 councilor Todd Kobus to request the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to investigate the performance of Columbia Gas and the city at two homes on Torrey Street where the homes were filled with gas, and had to be evacuated.

The city council was correct to investigate the matter. Since it is DPU who regulates and sets standards for Columbia Gas, that was the appropriate agency to send the resolution to.

Councilor Richard Conti argued that DPU will ignore the resolution because they have expertise in this area beyond that of the city council. Where is the Richard Conti who use to fight for the citizens of Attleboro, even if he was in the minority. Since when would we not ask for the DPU to investigate why two of our houses in Attleboro were filled with gas. For Conti to vote against this resolution because he thinks they will ignore it is a disservice to our residents, and raises questions about his judgement.

Councilor Peter Blais was right to say that if DPU ignores the request, it is on them. I appreciated President Mark Cooper’s comments on passionately explaining why sending this resolution to DPU is the right thing to do.

I hope the council sends this resolution to DPU, and I also expect our state delegation, especially state Rep. Jim Hawkins, to advocate with DPU to investigate the matter.

Bill Bowles


The writer is a former city councilor and state representative.

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