To the editor:

I was sad to see that someone running for public office, presumably to represent every citizen, would so callously counter-protest the Black Lives Matter movement.

Saying “Blue Lives Matter” is stating the obvious. Of course blue lives matter. So do white lives.

The issue is that black lives have NOT mattered, and it’s time they did.

Co-opting the Black Life Matters title diminishes the importance of the civil rights message being made.

I support good, strong, community policing. I am grateful for the job the police do in North Attleboro, making my community safe and secure. I have turned to them for help myself. That does not mean it’s alright to turn away from the fact that in our country there are bad cops, just as there are bad clerks, bankers, politicians, etc.

The difference is that bad cops are armed and in a position of power.

Across our country, for thousands of American families, time and again, the abuse of that power has had tragic and unnecessary results.

Please listen to the concerns of those protesting peacefully before having a knee-jerk reaction to only the most extreme behavior. ‘I Support Our Police’ would have been a more appropriate and less disrespectful name for this rally.

Christine Greenhalge

North Attleboro

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