To the editor:

Again, an amazingly overboard response to a simple issue made complicated by public agencies.

Rather than lots of taxpayer money pumped into studying the effects of vaping, I can offer a more rational, simple understanding of the problem.

Forget the idea of vaping and describe the activity in a more fundamental way. Think of turning some unknown chemical compounds into a moist fog, inhale it deep into your lungs, savor the smoke like vapor around your mouth, throat and deep into your body. Disguise the mist with any of dozens of pleasant flavors that suggest this practice is good for your body. Naively believe this has no adverse impact on your metbolism.

Then develop one of a myriad of lung diseases and wonder how that could have happened?

Only taxpayer-funded institutions would be brazen enough to expend effort attempting to understand if ‘vaping’ is a safe and healthy activity.

Of course, government intervention is deemed necessary by the political forces who accept people can’t make their own self destructive decisions. These are our politicians who believe only they should be making decisions on how people should live their lives.

Vaping crisis indeed! Another opportunity for the government to tell people how to live their lives.

Bob Foley


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