To the editor:

Since Donald Trump took office, one thing has captivated our news media, that is the drive to remove him from office.

In fact, the Democrats, in particular House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and congressman and chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff, have become so consumed by hatred of Trump that they have abandoned their sworn duty to the people of the United States as well as fellow members of their own party.

With little doubt they have abandoned good judgment and replaced it with a maniacal drive against a man who sees them for what they are — hate-crazed, irrational opponents he has been able to keep occupied to the point where they have become more his pawns and less his adversaries. The more they try to hurt him politically and personally, the more popular he becomes. He is able to bait them, assured that they will further dig their proverbial hole and at some point in time, fall into it, so distracted by their panic they do not see it coming.

This, folks, is the difference between a business person and a politician. The former a realist, the latter, one who will take advantage of a circumstance for attention, without any principles or plan. So be the Democrats.

All the while Americans are doing far better and an overwhelming majority approve of what Trump has done, for them.

Doug Gobin


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