Biden has to clean the swamp and cesspool

To the editor:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial “Will Biden unify us?” (Opinion, Nov. 18) suggests that President-elect Joe Biden should “take a firm stance when members of his own party misbehave” That is so wrong-minded! So is not understanding Trumpists’ and Progressives’ disgust with self-serving elected plutocrats (the swamp) enriching themselves by under-taxing and under-regulating appreciative avaricious obscene wealth at the expense of The People.

Add to that disgust with bigots and fascists (the cesspool) who are looking to destroy our Republic.

Biden, a life-long plutocrat himself, though basically a good person, must openly and immediately vow and act with his team, to enlist all elected officials in a grand plan to clean up the swamp’s way and to flush the cesspool, starting immediately with legislation to reinstate GOP President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s marginal income tax rates and follow that with a few current ideas to tax obscene wealth and reverse ever-growing wealth inequality that hurts The People. That will unify us.

Then, an hour later, tackle the virus. That will further unify us.

Use the bully pulpit immediately and well! Godspeed.

Tom Richards

North Attleboro

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