To the editor:

This letter is a twofold request

1. To the owner(s) of the property formerly known as the distinguished Brook Manor Restaurant — most recently occupied by Jimmy G’s Pub — please clean up the landscaping portion of the property. The current condition of the outside is deplorable and an eyesore. The former Brook Manor is the gateway to the downtown to North Attleboro. The residents of the North Attleboro deserve better.

2. The second request will not be easy, but in the end, could bring this once beautiful building and restaurant back to the life it deserves.

There must be someone in our lovely town who could purchase the property or lease the property to once again establish a fine restaurant, a restaurant that could specialize in fine steaks and seafood. We do not need another sports bar. A lovely steak house serving farm to table and fresh seafood, an establishment that the residents of North Attleboro and surrounding towns would take pride in and want to bring family and friends for family celebrations or a quiet dinner for two.

I realize owning and running a restaurant is not an easy task, but given the right investors and a combination of business expertise and food experience, this could be an immensely rewarding goal for the owners and for the residents of our lovely town. Doesn’t our town deserve at least a serious look into this request?

Mary Conley

North Attleboro

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