To the editor:

As the father of a member of the Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School Class of 2019, I take extra pride in congratulating the five Tri-County students whose project in collaboration with NASA earned them a trip to the Johnson Space Center and could land their tool storage kit a spot on the International Space Station (ISS).

The project, which was featured in The Sun Chronicle (“North voke students design tool pouch for NASA,” Monday, April 29) was undertaken as part of the school’s longtime partnership with NASA.

The students tackled the tool storage problem faced by astronauts aboard the space station, and their design of a pouch that looks like a Trapper Keeper loose-leaf binder may eventually wind up on the ISS.

The engineering students — Averi Ayre, Katie Dion and Eric Kugler of North Attleboro, along with Colin Donoghue of Walpole and Jacob Lipson of Franklin — designed the pouch to enable astronauts to more easily store their tools. They also addressed the space agency’s desire to discontinue the use of Velcro on the space station by using a sticky pad on the back of the binder.

Their innovative creation made it to the final Design and Protyping Review at NASA’s Johnson Space Center at Rocket Park in Houston, the fourth year that Tri-County students made it to the event and the first for the three North Attleboro students. Their hard work paid off in a trip to Houston April 17-19 to present their project.

The school will be notified over the summer if NASA intends to use any ideas from the project.

The students should be proud of their hard work, as should the school and the towns that make up the Tri-County district, because being recognized by NASA remains the ultimate compliment for those with aspirations of becoming an engineer, scientist or astronaut.

Larry Kessler

North Attleboro

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