To the editor:

I just had to respond to a letter from Vic Soldat (“President has done nothing wrong,” Nov. 7, Voice of the Public) in which he ridiculously tries to defend the criminal actions of President Trump.

Just for starters, claiming Trump is innocent of everything when government official after government official has come forward with damaging information against this so-called president, is senseless. I guess Mr. Soldat does not want to read the recent transcripts that were taken from the House Intelligence Committee because they don’t fit in his argument.

These people who have come forward are of superior moral character and intelligence compared to what we are presently stuck with in the White House. I guess in the small world of some people Trump is telling the truth and everyone else is lying, which is totally insane.

Mr. Soldat mentioned that President Obama was caught on an open mic speaking with a Russian official before the election of his second term in office saying “I can be more flexible after the election.”

What Obama was politely telling this Russian was “get lost” and after that day Obama never made any deals with the Russians and put severe sanctions on them.

Next Joe Biden never admitted to anything involving Ukraine but most likely, Mr. Soldat got that lie from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or some other lying right-wing media source.

Trump was not making a deal with the president of Ukraine. He was shaking him down by bribing him with military aid that had been approved by Congress. Read the Constitution, it is clearly stated what Trump tried to do is an impeachable offense (bribery) even if it doesn’t meet your right-wing mindset.

I guess in the eyes of Mr. Soldat and many other right wingers, attempted murder is not really a crime because no one was killed, they just attempted it and failed.

This is how totally off the rails the right wing in this country has gone now. They ignore the rule of law all in the name of protecting the worst president in the history of this country.

Aldo Ferrario


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