To the editor:

Democrats may be dancing the “Hokey Pokey” in their move to Impeach President Donald Trump; however, they may tap-dance themselves right out of office.

First, Democrats following their victory to acquire majority representation in the House, have failed to accomplish their campaign promises to lower the cost of healthcare, initiating infrastructure programs, lift middle-class wages, to name a few.

Instead of working to help make life better for their constituents, they have engaged in self-defeating and blind-sided actions to impeach Trump without credible evidence. Hence, the three-year Muller investigation (Trump-Russia collusion) fizzled after dumping 30 to 40 million taxpayers’ dollars into a black hole.

At this point, how can any rational voter take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seriously as she ignores all House impeachment protocol and relies on selective leaks of secret testimony to support her case.

This country’s divide will go on and on so long as injustice continues in Washington. There has to be equal justice under the law. Right now, what we are witnessing from the Dems is a kangaroo court.

At this point — why do we tolerate allowing a few politicians to disrupt government with their unorthodox processes, personal vendettas and accomplish nothing. The time is now for reality to be acknowledged. Why not work to lower health cost, sign the treaty with Canada and Mexico, provide solutions for the homeless, initiate those infrastructure programs, investigate the origins of the Trump-Russian collusion. Simply put, dance the Hokey Pokey for your accomplishments.

Lorraine Nye


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