To the editor:

Regarding the letter to the editor by Lorraine Nye, “Dems are clearly failing at all efforts,” Nov. 6:

Although it seems like the only thing Democrats do is investigate the president (and this writer wishes they would do more of it!) its not actually the case.

Here’s a list of some good bills the House has passed since the midterms: For the People Act of 2019 (which strengthens voting rights and curbs political corruption), The Paycheck Fairness Act (which closes loopholes that allow pay disparity between men and women), Bipartisan Background Check Acts Act of 2019 (supported by Democrats and Republicans to mandate universal background checks for gun purchases), Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act (which provides free child care to veterans at VA facilities), etc.

In fact, the House has passed 306 bills since January when the new Congress went into session.

Just last week the House passed bills regarding hospice care, nursing programs, child care, the environment, and Medicare drug prices. Some of those bills were even sponsored by Republicans. It would be nice if some of those bills were passed in the Senate. Heck, it would be nice if some of those bills were debated in the Senate.

Kevin Smith


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Lorraine; You are correct. Kevin sights the comically named "For the people Act" as an accomplishment (which never had any chance of passing). Even the ACLU has deemed it unconstitutional on 1st amendment grounds. it is designed to protect incumbents and get Dems elected. But if federalizing elections and restoring voting rights to convicted felons is an accomplishment, sure rack that one up for the Democrats.

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