Democrats fear of Trump being re-elected gets worse every day

To the editor:

The Democrats level of determination to get rid of President Trump before the 2020 election exemplifies their fear that he will get re-elected.

As it stands they have no platform serving the American people. They are consumed by their efforts to remove Trump so they can freely continue to serve their own common interests which is to build their own power and wealth. Incidentally, this applies to both sides.

Our government has been stolen from us and the general population has become so ignorant and misinformed as is often demonstrated by some who submit their opinions in this newspaper. So consumed by the garbage fed to them by the media, they have lost their ability to reason.

Confused people are easily led and defeated, this is an old military tactic when one side is able to confuse the other causing them to become disorientated and lose site of their intended goal.

In today’s world of politics we call it “fake news”.

Doug Gobin


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