Editorial could have been better timed

To the editor:

Given the difficulty of simply existing through this pandemic, we all look for a mere glimpse of a ray of hope that provides a momentary uplift of our collectively dejected souls. Most newscasts have recognized the importance of such stories and increasingly we see accounts of kindness and people going out of their way to help others. Christmastime with its consistent message down through the ages of hope, love and peace on Earth offers many more such opportunities.

Accordingly, it was extremely disappointing that The Sun Chronicle editorial board made the incredibly poor decision to use their Christmas Eve edition as an opportunity to dip their fingers into the sewer that has become 21st century American politics (“The callous disregard of Sheriff Hodgson,” Dec. 24). Why, of all days, did the editors decide Dec. 24 was the right time to run their position, particularly since the issues highlighted are old news? Attorney General Healey’s report came out several weeks ago, so why is it now urgent news that can’t wait for another day? The editors also encourage their readers to elect a different sheriff — but that election is 23 months away! Let me emphasize I am not disputing the editors right to voice their opinion, just the timing.

To be fair, the Opinion page offered the traditional “Yes Virginia” article that has been a staple of American newspapers at Christmas for over a century. But why couldn’t the editorial board have offered a much-needed message of hope and encouragement? Why couldn’t they have previewed their weekend edition with its emphasis on local community volunteers who make our communities better places? Or how about praising the 6-year old Foxboro boy and his wonderfully creative Wishing Tree idea? Hope and encouragement for a hurting people on this special day? Such an opportunity missed just to make a political statement. Sad.

Frank B. Cook


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