To the editor:

The Sun Chronicle, in its own best interest, ought to vet information presented in the editorial reprints it uses on the Opinion pages. Thursday’s jibber-jabber comes from The Philadelphia Inquirer regarding so-called ‘gun control.’ (‘The impeachment trial is over. So is the Senate’s excuse for inaction on guns,’ Opinion, Feb. 13.)

Full of inaccuracies and half truths, this narrative describing gun-fearers’ wish list of first steps to confiscation, skims over many details and ignores existing law. If an oblivious reader, unfamiliar with existing ‘gun control’ legislation were to read the article, they would believe there are no rules, no requirements, no restrictions on just about anyone buying or selling guns. The reality is far from the words printed by The Sun Chronicle. There are more than enough laws that restrict transfer of guns.

Federal law requires background checks on all gun sales by federally licensed dealers. It is illegal for anyone to transfer a gun to a convicted felon. Individual states, such as our own Commonwealth, have all sorts of laws including ‘Red Flag’ laws that allow confiscation of firearms without a warrant. The AG of Massachusetts has taken it upon herself to outlaw specific types of long guns. On and on.

The notion of universal background checks is simply a guised attempt at creating a federal firearm owner registry. Most Second Amendment supporters recognize such lists as a beginning step in the progression towards confiscation. Perhaps an alternative approach suggested by Bloomberg for getting guns off the street would be to ‘throw them against the wall and frisk them.’

More restrictive laws, more limitations on ownership, more fake news will not make streets and neighborhoods safer. Criminals who use guns in commission of crimes almost always get their weapon illegally. No checks, no laws, no lists, no additional restrictions will change that.

Rather than promoting imposition of more jabs at Americans’ rights, responsible media should be prodding the judiciary to enforce existing laws and apply severe sentences any time a crime is executed using a gun.

Before simply reprinting liberal city outlets’ fantasy wish lists, The Sun Chronicle ought to do some research and make some attempt at objectivity.

Bob Foley


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