To the editor:

The 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision — Jan. 21 — is an occasion to reflect on our new system of government of, by and for corporations and billionaires.

Corporations can overturn laws passed to protect the people, can avoid telling us what harmful chemicals are in our food, can hide unsafe worker practices before OSHA arrives with a court order, and can advertise harmful products, such as cigarettes and opioids.

All of these practices are legal because of Supreme Court decisions that overturned laws passed by our legislators to protect our health, safety and welfare.

Only a Constitutional amendment can permanently overturn Supreme Court rulings.

The proposed “We the People Amendment (HJR.48)” would fix our broken democracy by reserving Constitutional rights for real people and mandating campaign finance reform.

The We the People Amendment currently has 67 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I thank Congressman Joe Kennedy for being among them, and I urge Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey to file HJR the We the People Amendment in the U.S. Senate.

For more information on the We the People Amendment, visit

Leo Immonen


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