To the editor:

An Opinion letter I submitted to this paper 13 years ago.

At that time Senators McCain and Kennedy sponsored a bill that would “enable undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows, submit to background checks, and register for legal status.” Senator Kennedy also stated “during this time they would have to continue working, play by the rules, and pay substantial fines and back taxes.”

Did they really believe those who have ignored our laws were interested in doing this? They were likely splitting their sides laughing at that very moment. They have come out of the shadows and into our faces screaming ... it’s their America and we can do nothing about it. Sadly, there is more truth in that than there is in the above proposed solution. Play by the rules? They continue to this day demonstrating they are not willing to do that.

I would like to propose that both of our political parties consider changing their mascot/emblem. A mouse and an ostrich would be more fitting than the present donkey and elephant! No disrespect intended toward the mouse and ostrich.

Doug Gobin


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