To the editor:

Recently, a man who was attending an event where Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris was speaking, stated, “What are you going to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy (Donald Trump)?”Instead of chastising him for using a word that is considered politically incorrect and hurtful to those with special needs. Harris giggled along.

Later, she insisted that she did not hear the man, which is not particularly convincing given the footage.

Former candidate Hillary Clinton famously called half of her opponent’s supporters “deplorables.” Instead of chastising her, many in the media stated that she did not go far enough with the insult (which she eventually walked back).

At the same time, they clutched their pearls every time Trump did something immature. I’m not justifying or excusing politicians belittling others or engaging in other childish behavior whether left, right or in between. To misquote a song by Sting, there’s no monopoly on manners on either side of the political fence.

I just think that Democrats and the mainstream media would be more convincing when they decry such things if they didn’t have such glaringly double standards.

Elizabeth Bristol

North Attleboro

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