To the editor:

A story about a marijuana retailer coming to North Attleboro states the following: “An agreement reached between the town and a potential marijuana retailer requires the company to pay a 3 percent impact fee” on top of regular property taxes and water and sewer charges.

The deal, called a “host community agreement,” is required between towns and marijuana businesses as part of a licensing process.” (“Marijuana company would pay North Attleboro 3 percent of revenue, Dec. 2, City & Town)

I’m curious as to what the difference is between marijuana retailers and liquor stores might be to require the “impact fee” to be charged by the town for marijuana retailers but not liquor stores.

Sounds more to me like extortion.

Not that I support the sale of pot or any other drug for that matter, but come on. Is there anyone out there to explain this to us?

Why not place marijuana, cannabis and whatever other name it goes by in our liquor stores who are already licensed to sell what is actually another form of drug?

It’s becoming more obvious to the people that governments at all levels, local, state and federal, should concentrate their energy on effective ways to control expenditures than creating more ways to get our dollars so they can spend more. Like building a new high school ($268M) instead of maintaining the existing one and buying a golf course instead of allowing private development generating more revenue.

Doug Gobin


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