To the editor:

On Jan. 20, our nation will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

America will have a president and vice president who will dedicate themselves to bring unity to our country and the American people. With core values of hope, belief, justice, truth, and real respect for every American.

America relies on our citizens to once again believe in recovery and continue to show real resolve in protecting our Democracy to preserve our way of life and to step up and take ownership of our actions with core values of hope, belief, justice, truth and real respect for every American. I sincerely believe they will continue to fight against all prejudices and unite our citizens and country once again

America is resilient; we need to show ourselves and the world we can recover from this point, to become the country we all love and want to prosper for all Americans.

America, we will walk together again. We all need to stand up and protect the importance of our Democracy and fight off the evils of the world that would cause harm to our family, friends, neighbors, communities, and country.

Dennis Golas

South Hadley

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