To the editor:

I am not an avid sports fan, but I have attended rallies/parades when our Boston teams have gone all the way to victory. At this point, I am not totally surprised, but am somewhat saddened by the Alex Cora, Boston Embarrassed Hose “videogate” scandal.

Why do I say “not totally surprised,” you may wonder? Fining, firing, rules reform, are all necessary when these unsportsmanlike tragedies occur. But, we will only see positive, necessary changes and improvements when those of us who need to change our attitudes and outlooks about cheating, sleaze and “one-upmanship” finally get serious and do change.

Also, “They are all doing it,” is a pretty lame excuse for bad behavior, even if, in some instances, this may very well be true. We can each set examples for bad or good. Good grades and an extensive resume just don’t cut it. So, let’s go around the system.

A large donation (don’t you dare call it a “payoff”), should guarantee admission for your little darlings to any (poison) Ivy League edifice. This can be assured by cheating on the admission test(s) as well. What Tonya Harding and her motley crew did in her quest for the pyrite was inexcusable and unnecessary. She was driven — by the promise of a medal, and the lure of fame and fortune, as well as her equally driven and frustrated “win at any cost” mother. Tonya could have easily, legitimately, bested Nancy “second rate” Kerrigan. Whether Tonya could have also beaten the eventual winner, is something we are left to endlessly speculate upon.

“The Big Short,” the Second Depression (2008-2009), bailouts, bankruptcies, and boondoggles galore — the attitude problem, very serious and prevalent, is one of winning at all cost, by any means, and trying not to get caught. “Winning may be everything,” but we have to ask ourselves, at what price?

David Daugman


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