To the editor:

I am writing in reply to the foolish, vacuous, and un-American attack against American hero Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, made by Bob Foley. (We’ve all known ‘gofers’ like Lt. Col. Vindman, Nov. 21.)

Lt. Col. Vindman was not before Congress to give evidence in a criminal trial. He was there to give “earwitness” testimony to what he heard in a phone conversation as part of his job. To refer to the lieutenant colonel as a “gofer” is not only insulting and clueless, it is completely inaccurate. “Gofers” don’t earn Purple Hearts.

The limit on words I am allowed in this contribution precludes me from listing all the commendations, awards, ribbons, citations and accolades this brave and honorable Army officer has earned.

Lt. Col. Vindman came to this country with his family as a child from Russia. Since that time, he has served as a shining example of the American dream. To mock his uniform or the decorations he displays is an act of shocking stupidity and ignorance. It is a spit in the face of our country and everything for which it stands.

Mr. Foley, your spineless and slimy attack on this proud, American hero is just another example of your continued and shameful release of Op-Ed flatulence.

Dave Kane

Johnston, R.I.

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