Misuse of handicap parking privileges is illegal

To the editor:

The other day I was at one of my favorite doughnut shops when one of my “doughnut shop buddies” came in and complained that someone was parked in the handicap parking spot and not gotten out.

I have witnessed this person doing it before, and if we are are right, this person does indeed have a placard, but is abusing it by parking in a handicap to let her passengers go into the store. This is not only wrong, (my friend is a veteran who has a painful time walking sometimes), it is sometimes painful for me as well, and on those days I park there. Otherwise no, I don’t.

The placard may only be used if the person to whom the placard is issued enters or/and exits the vehicle. Using a placard for the convenience of others is wrong and illegal.

Stating, “Oh I didn’t know that!” is no excuse. When you received your Placard or plate, you also received a document from the Medical Affairs Branch of MassDOT, document T21768-0115.

I quote a bold portion of paragraph three, first page: “A person with a placard CANNOT park in a handicap space while picking up another person other than the person photographed on the placard.”

I quote from the back of the page, disabled parking rules: “Do Not use your placard/plate or DV plate parking privileges if you are not entering or exiting the vehicle.”

It states it twice, very clearly, the person to whom the placard is issued, if used in a handicap parking space, must enter and /or exit the vehicle.

Want a copy? Call MassDOT at 857-368-8020, they will be very happy to send you a copy.

Daniel West

South Attleboro

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