To the editor:

What do you get when we elect a man to the highest office in America who learned from his earliest years to bully, lie, slander, and cheat to get what he desires? A stable genius? I doubt it.

Would this man become someone who anyone who knows him, would not allow their daughter to be alone with? Would this man become someone who would hire other men to lie, bully, and cheat for him? Think about it, folks. Do we need this man as president? Do we need a man who views his office as a way to obtain wealth beyond his highest dreams to guide all Americans in their pursuit of liberty and freedom?

Do we need a man who believes our worst enemy is our best friend to lead us in a troubled world? An enemy who still tries to corrupt our system of electing our own leaders? An enemy who is willing to divided us to destroy us?

Strange, a president who doesn’t want our people to not have a choice. Could it be he is an agent of a foreign nation? His two best friends are dictators, who he loves, have absolute control of their countries. Would the president of America like absolute control of our nation to protect himself and please his foreign friends? Well, birds of a feather do flock together. Speaking of flocks, does this bird travel with birds of a whitest hue only? Well, he does prefer the Norwegian people over the people on our southern border. Would that have something to do with white power?

John Wade


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