To the editor:

In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln stood on an actual bloody battle ground in Pennsylvania (how ironic) and asked how long this or any other nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, could long endure.

The answer, Mr. Lincoln, may very well be 245 years.

And most ironic of all, it is Lincoln’s own party that has precipitated what could be the end of the “Great Experiment”. I do not say that lightly, nor out of over-reaction to the events in our nation’s capital, but because too many of our citizens can’t, or refuse to, discern the truth form the lies; are themselves enslaved by a false ideology of what America really is, and then wrap themselves in red, white and blue and call themselves patriots.

They believe Donald Trump, a narcissistic psychopath of a pied piper who clearly has the ability to drive them to do his bidding.

We have seen what a mob can do.

But we have also seen what a few revolutionaries, who have deep-seated ideals and convictions, can do against a great military power. It is how our nation was born.

In fairness to Trump, he did not create the divisive attitudes and bigotry that exists in the minds and hearts of a large part of our population.

He just stripped away the hypocritical veneer that hid it from view, and laid bare the ugly truth for all Americans, and all the world, to see.

Neal Biron


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